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2008-03-08 BarCamp Brighton 2 coming up

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Just one more Week to go until it's camping time again. BarCamp Brighton 2 will be at the University of Sussex from 15th to 16th of March.

This Barcamp, my fourth after BarCamp Berlin, BarCamp Frankfurt und BarCamp London 3, features a lot of new things to me:

  1. No Hotel, no "going home to sleep" - this time it's all-night.
  2. More than one Session. In Addition to my planned Accessible Javascript Session featuring Yahoo! everyday life Examples there will be:
  3. An "All Night Coding". My fellow Colleague Marco came up with the Idea of coding a complete Project, very Hackday Style, in the Night from Saturday to Sunday. We're hoping to find some more helping Hands ;-)
  4. Django. Neither Marco nor me had ever written a single Line of Python. Nevertheless we want to do this in exactly this Language in exactly this Framework.
  5. All-Team Session at Sunday presenting the (hopefully working) Project and our Impressions of working with Django and Python.

I'm very excited and (as always) I just can't await it :-)

BarCamp Brighton 2 steht vor der Tür
[switch to english Version of this Post] Nur noch eine Woche bis wieder Camping Urlaub auf dem Programm steht. Das BarCamp Brighton 2 wird vom 15. - 16. März in der University of Sussex seine Zelte aufschlagen.Dieses BarCamp, mein viertes nach BarCamp Be
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