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2008-06-19 Best of Accessibility Symposium 2008 Düsseldorf Germany

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On the 25.09.2008 I'll speak at the BOA-Symposium in Düsseldorf Germany for the first time.

My Workshop is named "Accessible Javascript using Frameworks" and will show, in a very hands on way, how to solve  Problems while developing accessible Javascript Applications and how much Frameworks can help you doing so.

I'm very much looking forward to interesting Discussions and hope to see some old and new faces :-)

Register now! (If you understand german) ;-)

Best of Accessibility Symposium 2008
[switch to english Version of this Post]Beim diesjährigen BOA-Symposium am 25.09.2008 in Düsseldorf werde ich erstmals ebenfalls als Vortragender vor Ort sein.Mein Workshop wird sich dem Thema Accessible Javascript mit Hilfe von Frameworks widmen und se
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