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2009-03-09 Think Visibility - SEO and more

Last weekend I had the great pleasure to have been invited to a very interesting new conference.

Dom "The Hodge" Hodgson kicked off the first, of hopefully a lot more conferences called, Think Visibility.

The one day conference featured a very wide selection of talks across Usability, Eye Tracking, Social Media, Affiliate, Analytics and many more with a slight focus on SEO. The Talks I've listened to were packed with a lot of insight and informations you wouldn't expect the speakers to give away. I learned a lot and I'm now very tempted to try out some of the SEO Voodoo myself ;-)

Not only was the Think Visibility very interesting but also great fun! The Northerners and their guests are a lovely bunch and as great to talk to during the conferences as in the Pub before and afterwards.

Here are the Slides of my own Talk. A very basic introduction to Web Accessibility for a audience containing hardly any frontend guys which was quite new to me:

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Website DesignersBefore watching your slides my major focus are first two slides you mentioned above "easily understandable valuable content" and "good speaking URLs". But now i think i have to increase my list with this point to"screen reader can't understand java script". thanks for sharing such remarkable post.
#1 Website Designers (Homepage) on 2010-02-24 14:03 (Reply)
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