Accessible Tabs Examples

you can overwrite each of the following settings in the initialization call. Every single one is optional.
Each of the classname options can now contain multiple classnames divided by a space i.e.: currentInfoClass: 'current-info visuallyhidden'

            wrapperClass: 'content', // Classname to apply to the div that is wrapped around the original Markup
            currentClass: 'current', // Classname to apply to the LI of the selected Tab
            tabhead: 'h4', // Tag or valid Query Selector of the Elements to Transform the Tabs-Navigation from (originals are removed)
            tabheadClass: 'tabhead', // Classname to apply to the target heading element for each tab div
            tabbody: '.tabbody', // Tag or valid Query Selector of the Elements to be treated as the Tab Body
            fx:'show', // can be "fadeIn", "slideDown", "show"
            fxspeed: 'normal', // speed (String|Number): "slow", "normal", or "fast") or the number of milliseconds to run the animation
            currentInfoText: 'current tab: ', // text to indicate for screenreaders which tab is the current one
            currentInfoPosition: 'prepend', // Definition where to insert the Info Text. Can be either "prepend" or "append"
            currentInfoClass: 'current-info', // Class to apply to the span wrapping the CurrentInfoText
            tabsListClass:'tabs-list', // Class to apply to the generated list of tabs above the content
            syncheights:false, // syncs the heights of the tab contents when the SyncHeight plugin is available
            syncHeightMethodName:'syncHeight', // set the Method name of the plugin you want to use to sync the tab contents. Defaults to the SyncHeight plugin:
            cssClassAvailable:false, // Enable individual css classes for tabs. Gets the appropriate class name of a tabhead element and apply it to the tab list element. Boolean value
            saveState:false, // save the selected tab into a cookie so it stays selected after a reload. This requires that the wrapping div needs to have an ID (so we know which tab we're saving)
            autoAnchor:false, // will move over any existing id of a headline in tabs markup so it can be linked to it
            pagination:false, // adds buttons to each tab to switch to the next/previous tab
            position:'top', // can be 'top' or 'bottom'. Defines where the tabs list is inserted.
            wrapInnerNavLinks: '', // inner wrap for a-tags in tab navigation. See for further informations
            firstNavItemClass: 'first', // Classname of the first list item in the tab navigation
            lastNavItemClass: 'last', // Classname of the last list item in the tab navigation
            clearfixClass: 'clearfix' // Name of the Class that is used to clear/contain floats

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