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2009-04-16 Accessible Javascript with and without WAI ARIA at GeekUp Leeds

Yesterday I had the great pleasure to have been invited to speak at a GeekUp special in Leeds.

I must say that these lovely Northeners turned out to be the best audience a speaker can dream of. I was presented with an endless stream of really good and very interesting questions. It's a shame there was no recording because the amazing audience really made this evening and my slides can in no way show the great discussions and fun we had. 

2009-03-09 Think Visibility - SEO and more

Last weekend I had the great pleasure to have been invited to a very interesting new conference.

Dom "The Hodge" Hodgson kicked off the first, of hopefully a lot more conferences called, Think Visibility.

The one day conference featured a very wide selection of talks across Usability, Eye Tracking, Social Media, Affiliate, Analytics and many more with a slight focus on SEO. The Talks I've listened to were packed with a lot of insight and informations you wouldn't expect the speakers to give away. I learned a lot and I'm now very tempted to try out some of the SEO Voodoo myself ;-)

Not only was the Think Visibility very interesting but also great fun! The Northerners and their guests are a lovely bunch and as great to talk to during the conferences as in the Pub before and afterwards.

Here are the Slides of my own Talk. A very basic introduction to Web Accessibility for a audience containing hardly any frontend guys which was quite new to me:

2009-01-31 Barcamp London 6 - I'm one of the Organizers

After, believe it or not, 7 Barcamps as a participant it's now time to give back some of my experiences and "wisdom".

Teamed up with some of the other usual Barcamp suspects I organized the upcoming Barcamp London 6.

After we finally got the venue confirmation of the Guardian yesterday here's the official annoucement:

28 - 29 March 2009 the 6th London Barcamp will happen in the gorgeous new building of the Guardian.

In 2 weeks time the first ticket wave will be released (exact day and time will be announced). To avoid missing this important date you better follow us on twitter, subscribe to the reminder on the website and check into Upcoming.

2009-01-31 Barcamp London 6 - ich bin im Orga-Team

Nach, sage und schreibe, 7 Barcamps als Teilnehmer ist es an der Zeit meine gesammelte "Erfahrung" und "Weisheit" einzusetzen.

Zusammen mit einigen anderen der üblichen Barcamp-Verdächtigen habe ich das kommende Barcamp London 6 organisiert.

Nachdem wir gestern endlich die finale Zusage von the Guardian als location bekommen haben gibt es jetzt endlich die offizielle Ankündigung:

Vom 28. - 29. März 2009 findet in den schicken neuen Räumen der Zeitung the Guardian das sechste Londonder Barcamp statt.

In 2 Wochen werden schon die ersten Tickets vergeben (genauer Tag und Uhrzeit werden noch bekannt gegeben). Damit Ihr diesen wichtigen Termin nicht verpasst, folgt uns auf twitter, tragt euch in den Reminder auf der Website ein, macht euer Häkchen bei Upcoming und und und...