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2007-11-21 Barcamp London 3 is coming up (english)

For the 3rd time (for London as well as for me) it's time for some (Bar-)Camping again.

BarCampLondon 3 officially starts on Saturday but of course most of the Campers arrive at London if they're not living there already (like me - YAY! ;-)).

Still having no idea what to talk about I'm very excited though as I missed lot of the german Barcamps this Summer by moving to London and therefore not being able to hop back on the Continent all the time.

To keep you up to date with what's going on, me and the berlinblase Crew will do some heavy posting at londonbubble tumblelog.

I'm looking forward to meet some of the usual suspects again as well as getting to know a lot of new ones. :-)