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2009-07-01 The 5 Layers of Web Accessibility

A Month ago I was very happy to be able to speak at Skills Matter as Part of the monthly YDN Tuesdays. I spoke about my ideas about Web Accessibility and introduced them as "The 5 Layers of Web Accessibility".

Thanks to Skills Matter you can now watch the recording of this talk here. You can also find the according Slides underneath:

You can also read the great writeup by Marc Hibbins who very nicely sums up the contents of my talk.

2009-04-16 Accessible Javascript with and without WAI ARIA at GeekUp Leeds

Yesterday I had the great pleasure to have been invited to speak at a GeekUp special in Leeds.

I must say that these lovely Northeners turned out to be the best audience a speaker can dream of. I was presented with an endless stream of really good and very interesting questions. It's a shame there was no recording because the amazing audience really made this evening and my slides can in no way show the great discussions and fun we had.