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2009-03-09 Think Visibility - SEO and more

Last weekend I had the great pleasure to have been invited to a very interesting new conference.

Dom "The Hodge" Hodgson kicked off the first, of hopefully a lot more conferences called, Think Visibility.

The one day conference featured a very wide selection of talks across Usability, Eye Tracking, Social Media, Affiliate, Analytics and many more with a slight focus on SEO. The Talks I've listened to were packed with a lot of insight and informations you wouldn't expect the speakers to give away. I learned a lot and I'm now very tempted to try out some of the SEO Voodoo myself ;-)

Not only was the Think Visibility very interesting but also great fun! The Northerners and their guests are a lovely bunch and as great to talk to during the conferences as in the Pub before and afterwards.

Here are the Slides of my own Talk. A very basic introduction to Web Accessibility for a audience containing hardly any frontend guys which was quite new to me:

2008-12-30 Think Visibility - 1 day conference in Leeds

Announced only 2 weeks ago the Think Visibility Conference is already down to a small rest of 20 tickets!

There will be 16 Speakers in 2 Slots talking about SEO, PPC, Monetisation, Blogging, Accessibility and Usability. And all that for only 30£.

The Accessibility-Talk is featuring me telling you how to make your Website or Web Application usable for everyone.

So go get your last minute Ticket for the new Conference "up norf" in lovely Leeds!

Think Visibility Conference